Black Garage Doors

Black Garage Doors

In the past it was next to impossible to find black pre-finished steel garage doors. The only way to have a black garage door was to paint it. The reason for this was the heat factor in the sun, caused obviously by the black attracting sunlight. The high heat caused problems such as warping, and delamination of insulated doors. A couple manufactures have produced black doors in the past, and discontinued the colour after encountering problems.

Finally Richards-Wilcox has added black as one of their many factory colour options. Instead of doing what companies have done in the past, simply making a black door, they have done the testing and the research. Richards-Wilcox offers a black factory finish, with a lifetime warranty! They use a highly reflective black paint that keeps the heat down, but doesn’t have an ugly glossy finish. This could be the answer that many homeowners have been looking for for years. Style and colour selection are continually growing to meet the expectations of consumers.

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