Is it time to replace that old garage door?

Is it time to replace that old garage door?

Since they don’t need replacing too often, you probably don’t give them much more than a passing thought. But your garage doors perform a vital function, and they take up enough real estate on the front of your house that you want them to look good and function properly. So what are the signs that your garage door might need replacing? We talked with the technicians at Stouffville Garage Doors for a few tips.

Updated look—If you’re simply tired of looking at your decades-old door, there’s a myriad of available styles on the market today. The range now spans from the rustic charm of carriage house doors to the sleek lines and chic looks of ultra-modern contemporary doors. A new door could significantly transform the face of your home.

Energy efficiency—If you have an old, uninsulated door, replacing it with a polyurethane, foam-injected door will help improve your energy efficiency. Not only will the actual garage be better protected from cold and draughts, but rooms located above or near the garage will benefit from the improved insulation.

Costly repairs—Certain garage door problems are worth repairing, but others require parts and labour that may not be worth your while in the long run. If you’ve smashed one section of the door, you’ll probably need to replace the entire row of panels. If your wood door is rotted or sagging in the centre, it’s probably beyond refinishing, and might be better off with a complete replacement.

Keep in mind that although a repair may initially seem to be less expensive than buying a new door, upgrading to a new look or higher quality materials can translate into reducing maintenance costs and increasing the curb appeal and value of your home over the long term.

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