What can you do about a noisy garage door?

What can you do about a noisy garage door?

Don?t you hate it when you?re sound asleep, only to be jolted awake by the roar of a garage door from someone coming home? Thankfully, there are some measures you can take to minimize the noise emanating from your garage.

The type of door you use has a bearing on noise levels. A wood or non-insulated steel door will tend to be noisy in comparison to an insulated door. A steel insulated door made with polyurethane foam injection makes for a more solid door all-around and also helps cut your energy bills in the winter. A new Richards-Wilcox garage door comes with heavy gauge hinges, seals between the sections, and nylon coated ball bearing rollers making for an extremely smooth and quiet door.

Take a look at the rollers on your garage door tracks. Metal rollers operating on metal tracks can create a lot of squealing and vibration. Lubricate metal parts at least twice a year, or consider replacing them with nylon rollers instead. Not only does nylon roll silently, but they also require less lubrication than metal does.

If you have an automatic door opener, what kind of drive does it use? Metal chain drives, like the ones you see on bicycles, are real culprits for noise. Upgrading to an opener that uses a rubber belt drive will result in noticeable noise reduction.

If you want to insulate your garage against both noise and the elements coming in from outside, or if you do loud work inside your garage, installing inexpensive door seals can do much to reduce noise and to keep out the weather.

Loose or worn parts will inevitably cause vibration and noise. You want the hinges, springs and fittings to be snug, properly adjusted and well lubricated. Stouffville Garage Doors offers an inexpensive tune-up for your garage door to ensure that its parts and fittings are in good working condition to reduce noise and to operate safely and efficiently.

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