Aluminum Capping and Siding

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Garage Door

When your garage door looks its best, your whole home looks better too. That’s why custom aluminum capping and siding, professionally installed, is the perfect finish for your new or existing garage door.

  • Protects your door frame from weather damage
  • Looks great in a variety of styles and colours
  • Needs no maintenance and won’t corrode or fade

Imagine no more paint peeling from your garage door frame, and no more scraping and repainting too!

Garage Door Aluminum Capping & Siding Installation

The finishing touch to your garage door can’t be perfect unless it is expertly installed by a trained specialist in capping and siding. Our qualified installers know how to properly install capping and siding over the door frame for a clean, crisp finish.

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* Please note we only provide capping for garage doors that we have installed.

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