Why Won’t Your Garage Door Open?

Why Won’t Your Garage Door Open?

Have you ever pulled into your driveway and hit your garage’s remote button — and nothing happens? Have you experienced a stuck vehicle inside the garage because the door won’t budge? A garage door malfunction can occur due to a wide range of issues and may require service from a professional technician.

Broken or Damaged Springs

The springs are essential for operating your garage door because they counterbalance its weight and provide stability. Spring damage can be obvious, such as when it snaps in two pieces or displays visible signs of rust. In other cases, such as when the spring loses tension over time, you may not notice a problem until the day comes when your door won’t open.

Trying to fix or replace a broken spring can be dangerous due to its weight and the potential release of stored high tension. You should contact an experienced garage door technician to handle the task.

Broken or Damaged Cables

The cables are another crucial mechanical device when using your door. They work in tandem with the springs to counterbalance the door’s weight.

Over time, a cable can fray and eventually snap, which will prevent you from opening the door or cause an imbalance where one side is higher than the other. Incorrect spring tension can also cause them to detach from the drum and unravel. Tightening or replacement will be necessary to restore your door’s functionality.

Malfunctioning Opener

The opener acts as the nerve center of a garage door system. If you press the button on the remote control unit and the door doesn’t open or nothing happens, it could mean the opener’s transmitter isn’t receiving a signal. If changing the remote’s battery or verifying that the opener is plugged in doesn’t solve the problem, there could be an opener mechanical failure.

A broken gear is a common garage door opener issue. A stripped gear will allow the motor to operate. However, the chain or belt drive, the mechanism that enables the trolley to pull the door open, won’t move. Replacing the gear is a relatively straightforward repair that an experienced technician can complete in about an hour.

Many modern garage door openers can accommodate a keypad that lets you control the door without a remote, providing additional convenience and security. If you can open the door with the remote but not the keypad, it could be time for a reset. This process entails changing the four-digit personal identification code. If this doesn’t work, consult the owner’s manual for troubleshooting tips or request the services of a professional garage door technician.

Dirty or misaligned photo eyes or sensors can also cause your door to malfunction. When these photo eyes are no longer lined up they send a signal to the garage door opener telling the unit not to close because something is in the way. To fix this, go into the garage, bend down and adjust the alignment of these photo eyes and clean off the lens. When correctly aligned a light on each photo eye will be lit up solid and not flicker, one green and the other yellow. Once this is completed, press the button; your door will immediately start closing properly. If you have performed this task and your door will still not close, then it is possible that they need replacing.

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