Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Since 1988, Stouffville Garage Doors has 35 years of experience changing torsion springs on every size, weight and style garage door. We understand the importance of the correct size and gauge spring for optimal balance and cycles. We provide same-day spring changes to our local and loyal residents of Stouffville, Gormley, Ballentrae, Claremont, Uxbridge, Zephyr, Mount Albert, Aurora, Sunderland and surrounding communities.

A broken garage door spring will make lifting your garage door difficult, if not impossible. Garage door springs are responsible for lifting the garage door. When they break, snap or crack, they loose the force to open and close the garage door. Using the garage door opener will help lift the door but will damage the gears and most likely burn out the motor, so stop using the operator and call the professionals at Stouffville Garage Doors.

The correct garage door torsion spring will balance your door throughout its open/close travel cycle. This makes the garage door easy to lift by hand and easier on the garage door opener, which helps the opener run smoothly and last for many years.

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Signs You Need a Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs provide the necessary tension to open and close the door safely. The two spring types are torsion, located above the opening, and extension, installed alongside the entrance. Over time, corrosion, heavy use and age can cause either version to wear out and break. Expansion spring systems will be converted to torsion to provide optimal performance.

The most common signs of a broken garage door spring include:

  • The door is too heavy to lift or opens on an angle.
  • The door won’t raise when activating the automatic opener.
  • Hearing a loud snapping noise coming from the garage — this is the sound of the spring breaking.
  • The garage door’s cables are loose or detached.
  • You observe gaps between the springs.
  • Groaning or squeaking sounds occur during operation.
  • The door opens crookedly.

If you notice any of these problems, contact Stouffville Garage Doors immediately. Trying to handle a garage door spring replacement yourself can be risky due to the stored tension that can release and cause injuries or property damage.

Double Garage Door

A double-sized garage door will have two springs, as shown in the picture above. In most cases, only one spring will break at a time. However, because each spring is calculated to do the same amount of work, we replace both garage door springs to save money on a second service call that would be required shortly after.

Single Garage Door

Most single garage doors will have only one spring, as shown in the photo above. If you have two separate garage doors and only one has a broken spring, it’s not necessary to change the spring on both doors. In most cases, one door is used more than the other and may have many years of operation left.

Our Spring Replacement Process

At Stouffville Garage Doors, we have extensive experience replacing garage door torsion springs. When you contact us, we’ll dispatch one of our well-trained, highly-skilled repair specialists to your home as quickly as possible to perform a comprehensive inspection and assessment. You’ll receive a straightforward, transparent price for your approval.

If you decide to move forward, you can trust us to do the job right the first time. Unlike some garage door companies, we never rely on outside vendors or third-party contractors. Our company-employed technicians are courteous and professional and will treat your property with respect. We also back our repair work with a one-year labour warranty, giving you extra protection and more peace of mind.



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Is a broken spring preventing your garage door system from functioning correctly? You don’t need to tackle this demanding, potentially dangerous project yourself. The experts at Stouffville Garage Doors can come to your rescue. Give us a call or contact us online to request additional information or schedule a convenient service appointment today.

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